Carly Rogers hittin’ up Vegas with her good friend Allie Colleen as they make a stop at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country. We got to talk Vermont, skiing, beating people down… ha ha

We talked her move to Nashville at 17 years old, school (Belmont) and music in her future for sure!
Her mom growing up listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eagles and dad was into Led Zeppelin and Nana.. growing up listening to Patsy Cline and Alan Jackson.

Playing on Broadway, learning what she’s looking for in other players because of all the talent she was able to play with, learned a lot about the bar business by having the understanding of getting people to stay, enjoy the music and drink! Master of her craft for sure!

Had some fun talking Stevie Monce too! Let’s get to know Carly Rogers 🙂

Getting two birds stoned… it’ll make sense and it’s Toad approved as bad ass!

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Carly Rogers knew she was meant to leave her hometown in Vermont from the age of 4. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee as soon as she could when she was 17 years old to pursue her dream of writing songs and playing music. Since then Carly has sang in every state east of the Mississippi River and some beyond. She’s currently working on her debut EP and is excited for her summer tour dates!