Drew Baldridge hangin’ out with Toad during the COVID times talking music, senior year, Country AF Radio, being newly engaged… the near future of touring, shows and his needy puppy too!

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It’s all there on the opening track from Drew Baldridge’s Dirt On Us — and yes, it is country music, as country as it comes.

From the soul-band sizzle of “Train” to the reverent rendition of the old hymn “It Is Well,” Baldridge’s debut album comes straight from his heart to yours. It also targets your feet on uptempo tracks such as “Everyday Light,” “Curious Girl” and “Dance With Ya,” the single that rocketed him into the spotlight. It turns down the lights and steams up the windows with “Love On Your Body,” “Burnt Toast” and “Rebound,” with a guest vocal by Emily Weisband that uses just one note to cast its seductive spell. And it evokes simpler times through vivid lyrical imagery on “Tractors Don’t Roll,” “Town That Time Forgot” and the title cut.




Yup, you can watch the entire interview here including the acoustic songs!