I’ve known Siena for years, we’ve always talked about getting together and catching up on her life, personal and professional. We ended up spending some time on her mom, her cooking, desserts and BREAD! We need to get her on Chopped on the Food Network, my money would be on her!

The start of music in her life came from the lyric “‘Cause we’ll put a boot in your ass”! We talked old vegas, her family; from creativity in life to an uncle that was a “bad ass” guitar player. Started playing music at about 8 years old, guitar and piano. Played all around vegas to get the skill set down.

The highs and lows of 2017. From Route 91 to singing the National Anthem at the PBR Velocity Tour Finals here in Vegas!

Her move out of Vegas to follow her dream… she talked Texas and Tennessee and why she chose Tennessee.

Her story is great and I hope you feel the same when you listen in as well.

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Siena Paglia
Facebook: @sienapaglia
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Trading traditional, flat countryside pastures for impeccable mountainscapes, dry desert richness and gleaming strip lights, Siena is a neon cowgirl out of none other than Las Vegas. Siena’s rodeo stage is set, having already shared it with Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich, and Rodney Atkins, to name a few. These artists also are her influences along with icons like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Fleetwood Mac. Unlike most artists her age, she moves away from modern country-pop and dives more into her roots of 2000s country, in both her music and fashion. Siena is an artist the twenty-first century has yet to see. To her, being an artist means spreading light and inspiration. “I hope to engage my audiences with positivity and love,” says Siena. “With the lyrics and melodies created, I want people to engage that ‘at home’ feeling when they hear my music. I want my listeners to feel fun, encouraged, lively, and free.” Siena’s sunshine personality and authentic country charm have captivated diverse audiences for years. With her deep, rustic vocals, she’s destined to carry on country traditions with her music. Siena relies heavily upon traditional country storytelling to express herself as she looks to paint stories through personal experiences.