This dude… Trey Lewis came into Stoney’s Rockin’ Country HOT!! We had a blast talking about the industry, his first single that blew up y’all might know as Dicked Down in Dallas, we talked about his past and drugs to get him to where he is today! We talked Nate Smith, Sam Grow, Jake Worthington and even Craig Campbell!

His honesty in all of this life he has lived so far is amazing!

We got to talk about writing music, singles, always In It…. Tracy Lawrence – this will make sense soon!

I can’t wait to get myself to Nashville to get onto Trey’s podcast!

We talked Mount Rushmore… it’s a thing!

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With a pair of home grown hits behind him and plenty more in the tank, River House Artists/Sony Music Publishing singer-songwriter Trey Lewis has emerged as the straight-talking, salt-of-the-earth hero country fans crave. A Birmingham, Alabama, native known for breaking country’s unspoken rules, he’s spent 12 years on the road perfecting a gritty mix of contemporary country and Southern rock – and turning his call-it-like-I-see it attitude into song. After the breakout smash, “Dicked Down In Dallas,” went viral in 2020, Lewis’ cheating anthem with a modern punch has turned into an organic Number One on iTunes, garnering more than 100 million streams and making Lewis a nationwide force in the process. He followed up with another self-styled iTunes Number One in 2022 – the back-in-the-saddle anthem, “Single Again” – and has continued building a reputation fusing country horsepower with refreshing honesty and a troubadour’s wit ever since. But that reputation now broadens, as a bigger picture comes into view. Set for release in 2023, the perennial underdog and relentless road warrior will showcase his true character and full artistry on Troublemaker, adding a hard-earned sense of compassion to his full-length Nashville debut. The fittingly-titled set will feature 15 new songs and Lewis’ patented mix of intensity and sincerity, proving the world could use a few more troublemakers like him.

Photos from Cody Hibbard live at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
Photos by: EJH Media