Stephanie Quayle came by for a couple fun reasons.. oh ya, to play a show, birthday dinner and a stop here at Toad’s Tunes! We touched on a book that is coming out, looking forward to reading this gem. We jumped into the music biz, a lot of releases on the horizon but, we went back to her latest self titled release “Stephanie Quayle”.. I was sent Hang My Hat as a release but fell in love with Wild Frontier so that’s where I leaned. Over a million streams on Spotify alone, Toad picked the winner 🙂

We jumped into Wrangler Jeans and her relationship with the brand, she might have even tried to talk me into getting into a pair myself… we will see.

We talked about her upcoming release, her husband’s input, big girl pants, soaking the final tunes up over the holidays in the same place where the songs were written. Kind of a cool moment and part of this podcast for sure.

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If the creative process is a journey, On the Edge represents an epic tale of twists and turns, all sparked by a voice from the past.

Over thirteen years ago, Stephanie Quayle experienced a profound tragedy when the love of her life died in a fiery plane crash. But what she thought was the worst day of her life soon turned surreal. As she was stumbling through the layers of grief, pain and confusion, a shocking story came to light, one that left her a shell of her former self. The life she knew continued to unravel as she discovered that she was not the only woman in his life. Over the next weeks, months, and years, the trauma and feelings of betrayal almost destroyed her. But over time she dug deep, transcended the pain, found her voice again, and ultimately created her own success.

In April of 2021, Stephanie received a phone call from his daughter seeking her own answers to the wake her father left behind. She was painting her way through her healing in her senior year of college. The emotions from that dark time came flooding back and Quayle knew what she had to do. “Twelve years of thoughts, feelings and memories rushed over me like a wave. I had to write these songs. This was a must for me.”
Soon after, this Montana cowgirl was headed back to the ranch, with songwriter collaborator and confidante Tori Tullier alongside. During this writing retreat, they talked, wrote, sang, laughed, hiked along the creek, looked for double rainbows, spent time with horses, and let the power of the mountains elicit the power of the emotions. The songs from that session plumb the depths. Heartfelt, gripping, emotional and ultimately uplifting, they capture the Nashville songstress at her most vulnerable — and her most assured.