Brandon Bing rollin through Vegas for PBR… I get a call, let’s do a TOAD’S TUNES!!! Heck ya we’ll do it! We jumped into Brandon’s podcast highlighting some PBR riders. We talked whiskey, specifically his own brand… BANGTAIL WHISKEY, we dove into the friends in Nashville and what’s up and coming for the next year or so with all the above!

Brand new music, full length release of Huckleberry, the goal of playing Billy Bob’s and who he’s bringing with him. There’s honestly way too much to type out, just listen eh?!?

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What happens when you take a classic, country music approach to storytelling, gritty, modern musical stylings, and a deep sense of pride in traditional American values? You get Brandon Bing, a raised country music artist and entrepreneur. Brandon grew up on the sounds of Merle, Hank, and Willie, and his time on his ranch and experiences in the small business community have helped to profoundly shape his distinctive sound. Blending creative wordplay and relatable subject matters, Brandon creates music that is unlike anything you’ve heard before, yet deeply familiar.

More about Bangtail Whiskey

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Built on a dream aged 25 years, we hand crafted Bangtail Whiskey to create the perfect sip, no matter how you drink your whiskey. Our mission from the beginning was to distill a top-shelf product that can be enjoyed by all. But don’t take our word for it.

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