Scott Stevens and Toad getting to catch up again at his stop in vegas known as Stoney’s Rockin’ Country. In town for a show, in town to shoot some content for the latest single called Irresponsible! We had some fun the night before the show… dinner, riding the bull and getting thrown out from behind the bar! They took some gear and some cameras and tried to shoot some content in front of The Plaza, but that didn’t work out too well!

New tattoos, gold solo cups, catchin’ vibes… ya, we had some fun talkin’..”shit” We caught up with some Morgan Wallen chatter, Justin Moore and Heath Sanders, we dove into another buddy in Jeremy McComb…. the politics of music along with the fun of it all. Every Hat Production getting into some producing work with Heath Sanders! So stoked for the growth of Scott Stevens!

We got to get back to Missing You, an amazing single about his boy and his pappy

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“Every hat is a cowboy hat…. if you’re a real cowboy”

Authenticity. Heart. Grit. Scott Stevens likes the way those words roll off his tongue. “It’s all about being able to flourish in your own skin,” says Stevens, whose forthcoming debut album, is a master class in what happens when a musician leans into his natural-bred confidence and emotion. “Sometimes you gotta double down, step off the ledge and trust whatever it is you trust,” Stevens says of putting his entirety into his music.

“The heart of me is somehow split in equal parts rock and roll, soul, and country music,” Stevens says of his lyrically forthright and groove-centric sound. “At its core though, it’s just stories in rhythmic form.”

Ultimately, Stevens says he’s most proud of his unique artistry being unabashedly him. In his eyes, when you’re drawing from a well of sincerity as he does on his album, genre is secondary. To that end, Stevens’ music is ripe to appeal to rock fans or country fans or frankly anyone who appreciates the uncontrollable urge to nod to the beat. “People that don’t think they like country music need to listen to this,” he offers bluntly. “And for the people that don’t think it’s country music, well, to that I say, ‘Every hat is a cowboy hat if you’re a real cowboy.’”