Love the time with Triston Marez, diving into new music for 2023, Texas BBQ, wake surfing, bars in Nashville, coming back to Vegas to play Stoney’s. Born in Northern California, growing up in Houston, having a heart condition, being a super pale kid (nicknamed Edward from Twilight) and owning it!

Jumped into sports, the Giants, The 49ers, trying to bet on sports and UFC as well as gambling in Vegas! Back to music, rap music dropping mix tapes, wanting to release new music his way and not holding back on the new tunes.

Playing pranks on Randall King… This was great! His first experience inVegas at a pool party with Snoop Dog!

Let’s dive into getting to know Triston Marez.

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Houston native Triston Marez makes forthright country music that nods not only to his Texas roots, but also to his adopted hometown of Nashville. It’s a modern sound steeped in the golden age of ’90s country, a decade whose southern storytelling and larger-than-life hooks left a permanent part on the young songwriter.

That sound is whittled to a razor-edged point with 2021’s self titled LP Triston Marez. Produced by David Dorn and Alex Torrez, the album strikes a balance between youthful enthusiasm and focused maturity. Marez co-wrote nine of the album’s twelve tracks, with modern-day legends like Chris Stapleton penning the remaining songs. Another legend — ’90s country kingpin Ronnie Dunn — appears on “Where the Neon Lies,” turning the song not only into a show-stopping duet, but also a nod to the next generation of melodic, story-driven country stars. Triston Marez may be making contemporary music, but he’s doing so with the influence — and the support — of the icons who came before him, singing songs like “Day Drinking” and the Tejano-influenced “Texas Swing” cowritten with Americana Critics Favorite Gabe Lee (featuring the Tex-Mex band Squeezebox Bandits) with an ease that belies his young years. Laced with Telecaster twang, swooning pedal steel, dancehall ballads, and honky-tonk anthems, Triston Marez is a battle cry from an artist who bridges the gap between modern country and the genre’s old-school classics.